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Good News and Bad News... What the Changes to Facebook's Newsfeed Mean For Us All

Facebook Newsfeed will favor meaningful interactions over boring old “likes”.

Facebook Newsfeed will favor meaningful interactions over boring old “likes”.

Facebook Changes:

Facebook has announced substantial changes in their Newsfeed formula. These changes are designed to make sure the time people spend on Facebook is worthwhile and beneficial to users and continues the Facebook mission of “Connecting The World”.  Put simply, Facebook wants people to use Facebook less, but use Facebook better.

For the average Facebook user, this new philosophy means Newsfeeds will be populated with content from those who we interact with the most… friends, family and groups we actively participate in. Algorithms will rank person-to-person posts the highest, such as a one friends posting a status with a picture that tags two friends. Posts that are likely to spark a high level of engagements (reactions, comments, shares) will rank higher than ones that are less likely to start a conversation. Video, thoughtful commentary, and engaging content will appear in Newsfeed before post from businesses, organizations, and/or public figures.

Pages, where businesses, organizations, and public figures live on Facebook, will have much tougher time delivering their messages organically.

What can businesses do?

·      Publish content that is interesting, entertaining, educational, and engaging

Don’t waste resources publishing organically if you don’t have great content. Just don’t. No one will see it.  Be creative and insightful and useful. Facebook (and its users) want “Thumb-stopping content”, not ubiquitous platitudes.


Video is King on Facebook. Algorithms love it because it generates authentic conversation between people. Whether it is a Grand Opening, Tips on Winterizing Your Weed Wacker, or another cat video, Facebook loves video. Find a way to use video to tell your business’s story or promote yourself.

·      Facebook Live

The only thing better than video is a Facebook Live session!! Live creates interactions between people and within groups and is inherently more “valuable” to Facebook that just about any kind of post. Businesses need to be open to going live in creative and interesting ways. It can be daunting but is absolutely worth it.

·      Engage

The overall goal of these massive changes is to generate engagement. Businesses need to build engagement from the ground up by incorporating their employees into a social media strategy. Every employee should engage with their company’s posts… and do more than just “like” every post they see. Commenting on, sharing, and tagging posts will raise that post’s “relevance” exponentially. This is 100% free of charge and should be a part of every businesses marketing plan.

·      Spend Some Money On Facebook Ads

Last but not least, businesses need to be ready to move marketing dollars to Facebook advertising, in order to be seen. Facebook targeting tools are the best in the business, yet many organizations are skeptic about investing valuable marketing budget into Facebook Ads. The time for trepidation is over, plain and simple. Every ad/ boosted post is competing, at lighting speed, for every ad space in your Newsfeed. Now that organic reach is basically dead, ad inventory will increase exponentially, thus increasing overall completion. Businesses MUST utilize Facebook’s targeting advertising products, audience building tools, and optimization abilities if they want to compete. Be sure you have the Facebook installed across their websites and are tracking engagement, activity, conversions, etc. across platforms.

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