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Social media auditing

When we preform our initial audit/analysis of your current social media presence, we take an in-depth look at activities, assets, and audiences using the latest analytics and reporting tools. We look at your marketing and branding efforts as well as those of your competitors and compare them to industry trends and standards.

We translate the data into a simple, readable report with action items that your business can use to maximize the benefits of social media.

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Social Media Management

Day to day management of social media assets can be time consuming and tedious for business owners. We take that burden from you starting with creating your business’s social media presence across all applicable platforms (Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn, Pinterest, Google+). We work with you to develop and cultivate your business’s voice and story as well as create a plan of how to strategically deliver your message to the right audience. Whether you need original content, curated posts, Group creation, or just help creating editorial calendars, we work with you every step of the way.

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Facebook advertising works, if you know what you are doing. Lucky for us, we learned the Facebook Ads platform from the folks who built it. From brainstorming creative strategies to implementing complicated campaigns to using advanced analytics to interpret results, ryan and fox is the most informed and up to date Facebook ad agency around. We hold multiple certifications in digital marketing, Facebook advertising, and social selling covering every stage of the social media marketing process. Our abilities to use data to build target audiences and run effective campaigns mean that EVERY business can be successful.


Budget friendly training means putting the power of social media in your hands. Our expert, hands-on training will teach you how to use social media to achieve your business goals (B2B, B2C), fundamentals of Facebook and Instagram advertising, industry best practices and troubleshooting.

Policy Development

Every business operating in any part of the social media landscape needs a robust social media policy. Let us help you develop a plan that turns employees into advocates and grows your brand effectively and efficiently.